Ashley, your article breaks my heart. I feel like someone literally put a sword through me and walked away. I am an old white guy who cares deeply about the future of our country. I have a 21 year old daughter who is hard working and also cares.

The ruthless people responsible for this sham are as soulless as human traffickers. There are so many guilty parties involved that it defies gravity how it got this far. I honestly don't know how anyone involved with the process of this program sleep at night.

When someone applies for a mortgage they…

Just do your best and the rest will take care of itself.


As we walked out of our hotel room to go to dinner, the very long and wide hallway seemed like the perfect place for a foot race. “Wanna race?” I asked Michael. “You wanna race me?” He asked incredulously. “Absolutely!” I said.

The fact was, Michael was 15 years younger than me and thought it was a really funny question. And, of course, I had no chance of winning, in his mind. But…

“Okay. To the elevator,” he said. So, we did. We were like two little kids…

So, take your shot and go to sleep with a smile on your face.

Painting “Recess” by Lynn Payne ©2014

Dear Self,

Today may be all you have. It might be the start of something big! It might be the end of everything. Guess what? Nobody knows. Given that, I want to encourage you to do all that you can with it. I mean what would be people say if this was your last day and you wasted it scrolling through other people’s lives lamenting your shortcomings?

Do something dammit! Take a shot!

Remember what your mother said about “never going to bed mad”? Take your…

Steve Payne Photography Studio and Gallery 2003. ©Steve Payne 2002

I live in Almost Heaven, West Virginia. Today it is cold, windy, gray, and raining and I am sad. I’m not sad because of the weather so much, but because of the pain that I know is going on all around the world.

The pain that I can relate to the most is that of the small business owners, gig workers, artists, musicians, and so many others that have put their heart and soul into their business and by no cause of their own find themselves out of work, many teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

I have been there…

Steve Payne

Seeing the world as art and taking it day by day.

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